Is DevOps killing the developer?

Since its origin more than a decade ago, the DevOps model has grown in popularity.

There’s been an ongoing debate between programmers that the DevOps model has ‘killed’ the developer. Many programmers believe that DevOps has deprived developers of being able to specialise in what they do best: writing code!

How might DevOps have killed the developer?

DevOps has changed the world of software development. It allows for:

  • Improved collaboration between developers and operations individuals
  • Streamlined software development practices 
  • Developers to take on operations tasks
  • Teams to deliver more reliable content to users

This means the DevOps model places more pressure on developers to learn skills such as software test automation and application deployment processes.

By demanding developers to adopt an even larger skillset and requiring them to complete tasks not related to coding, many people thought this was killing developers. Not only as a role, but mentally due to the burnout of overworking.

Has DevOps killed the developer?

Despite the debate, the developer role is still very much alive. In fact, it could be argued that DevOps has adapted and modernised the developer role for the better.

2019 recorded approximately 26.4 million software developers worldwide. DevOp engineers are there to work collaboratively with developers – not to replace traditional developers’ or turn them into a DevOps engineer. With that, the demand for developer roles is set to increase over the coming years.

The growing popularity of DevOps has meant that developers have had to adapt their skills set to keep up. They have also had to adapt the way they present their skills. Thanks to DevOps, concepts such as CI/CD, automation and segmentation of internal communication have become critical to the way developers work and are desired.

These changes do not mean developers’ unique skills are being overlooked. Instead, they have been modified to suit a world where applications environments run on a larger scale and move faster.

The future of DevOps and developers

There’s no denying that DevOps has significantly changed the way developers work. But we should look at DevOps as an evolution in software development, rather than revolution. The use of DevOps has opened up another door of opportunities for developers. Despite advancements in technology, businesses still need humans who can actually code – so the developer role will never truly die out.

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