The future of testing in the IT world

Like many things in the technology world, testing is constantly evolving. Already, the introduction of tools such as DevOps and automation have changed the way in which testing operates and the role of QA testers around the world. With software development itself constantly undergoing changes, it’s inevitable that the practice will change in both the near and […]

Is DevOps killing the developer?

Since its origin more than a decade ago, the DevOps model has grown in popularity. There’s been an ongoing debate between programmers that the DevOps model has ‘killed’ the developer. Many programmers believe that DevOps has deprived developers of being able to specialise in what they do best: writing code! How might DevOps have killed […]

The Future of Java

It’s safe to say that technology has changed since the early 90s – a lot. That being said, Java remains one of the most highly demanded programming languages, due to its ability to adapt to and keep up with the changing trends in the tech and software industries. Java is currently used by 69% of developers worldwide. Though […]