Who We Are

Leaders in Business Analysis, Project Management and Software Testing/QA Recruitment.

Meet The Leadership Team

Nihal has 20 years’ experience in Financial Services Technology Recruitment, specialising in Business Analysis and Project Management.


Manoj has 25 years’ experience in Financial Services Technology Recruitment, specialising in Software Testing.


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Eric Vennestrom MD GXconsult

When building project teams, I often need to reach out to expert recruiters who know the market and have a large network. Manoj and I go back a few years now, and he is my go-to point when it comes to financial services, especially in London. With a huge network, great understanding of the market and a very personable approach, I recommend Manoj to anyone who needs a rockstar recruiter up their sleeve, will use his services always.

Robert Heindl Singletrack – Head of Client success

When we started partnering with Haley Bridge he spent quite some time getting to know the company, our culture and ambition as he, as well as we, believe that cultural fit of candidates is as important as subject knowledge and experience. Unlike other agencies I worked with over the last years, I absolutely know that Nihal will only present candidates who match our requirements in those and other areas discussed for the various roles we have within the team.

We are a dynamic team at Singletrack and as a result, the CS team and roles at Singletrack are constantly changing and evolving, and consequently so are the job roles we are hiring for. Nihal has been actively supporting this change by fully understanding the requirements for each job role, constantly re-evaluating the match between candidates and job role requirements and taking appropriate action. The outcome typically is that Nihal is able to very quickly present well-vetted candidates.

Nihal is making a very difficult job appear easy and almost relaxed, even though I know how much work and time has to be invested by him in the first place.

Expanding a work unit in numbers is what most recruiters can do, but growing a team into a homogenous, highly functional, flexible team is something I don’t think we could not have achieved without him.

What We Offer

Combining over 40 years of experience in the industry with modern day tech-led recruitment techniques in Financial services technology.

We service clients who want to scale, ambitious businesses who need to find the right talent to grow. We work with businesses who need something more than transactional recruitment. Recruitment for us is a people first business and no matter how much we grow we’ll keep it that way, personalised, ethical and boutique.


Haley Bridge In Numbers

Project Fill Rate


A testament to our best-in-class project delivery capabilities

Response Times


Our ability to get of the mark within 48 hours of project briefing

Customer Satisfaction


The fundamental metric behind our ongoing success

Our Talent Network


We have the network and capacity to meet your project demands


Our solutions are shaped to your needs and goals, with the agility to adapt as you grow. Covering all technology verticals, from entry-level to c-suite, with solutions from one-off hires to full enterprise models, we’re built for your vision both today and tomorrow. And because we understand both tech and talent, we can guide you to your optimum solution.

We partner with clients to represent their businesses and market them properly to become a natural extension of their business.

Our Delivery

We know what it takes to attract, engage and retain top talent. We’ll help you to unlock new talent pools, raise your brand awareness and become a magnet for passive talent.

Putting candidate and stakeholder experience at the heart of our delivery, we provide a seamless point to point process of how we’ll work together. We’ll also shape and future-proof your strategy by harnessing innovation and best practice. Aligned to you and in step with the future, we find a better way.

Want to Make Tech a Better Place? Start With Inclusive Recruiting.

We work together to promote a more inclusive environment, which attracts all candidates and signals our commitment to celebrate and promote diversity.

By taking an inclusive approach we are more likely to attract a diverse pool of talent and experience.

We commit to harnessing the talent and potential of everyone to achieve business success. Open and inclusive recruitment processes ensure employers have a greater pool of talent to choose from. It is proven that diverse workforces lead to better staff retention rates, a great understanding of different markets and a more creative mix of people. Diversity is not only good in itself but also good for business. We play an important role in helping clients to encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply for roles with confidence.