Preparing For The Workforce Of Tomorrow, Today.

News of the office’s demise has proven greatly exaggerated. In fact, Covid has only accelerated its potential as an innovative, open space for collaboration across hybrid working environments. Employees are recognising the benefits of this ‘new normal’, where blended office and remote responsibilities allow for greater work-life integration. As competition ramps up and companies vie to … Read more

Three Ways a Great Candidate Experience Delivers Recruiting Results

When you think of the candidate experience, what comes to mind? Does it include accurate job descriptions? An easy application process? Easy to schedule interviews? What about prompt feedback and communication at each stage of the process? Really, the candidate experience includes all the feelings, impressions, interactions, and activities a job seeker encounters and considers along their … Read more

How To Attract Top Tech Talent

Technology is a critical part of almost every business and having the right talent on board to manage this technology is essential. Years ago, it was only the tech companies who were on the lookout for candidates for software and technology roles. Today, hundreds of industries require tech talent, and the competition to find it … Read more

Why Use Blockchain Technology?

If you read anything about technology and digital transformation, you’ll no doubt have seen a lot of hype around blockchain. Stripping away the hype, and once some teething problems are solved, we believe that blockchain technology is set to revolutionise many industries, in the same way as Big Data and even the internet. In this article, we look … Read more

The Future of AI: How Artificial Intelligence Will Change the World

On a nondescript building close to downtown Chicago, Marc Gyongyosi and the small but growing crew of IFM/Onetrack.AI have one principle that rules them all: think simple. The words are written in simple font on a sheet of paper that’s stuck to a rear upstairs wall of their industrial two-story workspace. What they’re doing here with artificial intelligence, … Read more